Sightseeing — Central Eastern Sierra

From June Lake to Bridgeport, this region is fascinating in its diversity and history.


June Lake
Just a few minutes north of Mammoth on HWY 395. Nestled snug below spectacular rugged mountains. A very scenic place. Great fishing. June Mountain Ski Resort is located here. This is a very nice morning or afternoon trip.


Mono Lake
The center of much controversy between Mono County residents and the Los Angeles Water District. About 25 miles north of Mammoth on HWY 395. Stop at the Visitors Center first so you know how special Mono Lake really is, then go to the South Tufa Area and walk around the real thing.



Most people don't realize how close Mammoth is to Yosemite. We're only about an hour south of Tuolumne Meadows, and the drive from here to there is absolutely one of the most spectacular in the whole USA. Take HWY 395 to Tioga Pass road (HWY 120) and up into Yosemite. Tioga Pass Road is worth the price of admission all by itself — one of the Eastern Sierra's true engineering marvels. You can drive another hour or so and be in the valley. You can also walk there from here. Mammoth is often used as a lodging base for Yosemite exploration.

One of the great things to do if you like this kind of thing. Bodie is probably one of the best preserved, least commercialized ghost towns remaining in the West. You won't find a MacDonalds here. Walk around the streets and you can really get a sense as to what it might have been like to live in a place like that in the 1800's. Take HWY 395 north almost to Bridgeport. Look for HWY 270. Take that and watch for the Bodie signs. The road turns to gravel for about three miles, but any passenger car can do it. There is a small entrance fee, but well worth it. It takes a little over an hour to get there. Bring lunch with you.
The town of Bridgeport and the Bridgeport Valley are jewels of the Eastern Sierra. Originally called Big Meadows, this fertile valley offers a truly glorious setting of open range and grassland. It is the gateway to the remote and unspoiled reaches of Yosemite National Park. High above this lush valley is the Sawtooth Ridge of the High Sierra Crest. This is an exciting area known for its desparate rock climbs and ski mountaineering routes. This ridge is aptly named with its knifelike spears of granite splitting the sky with splendid accuracy.
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