Lone Pine, California is the gateway to Mt. Whitney.

Located at the base of Mt. Whitney, the highest point in the contiguous United States and home to the Lone Pine Film Festival, each October, this small, high desert community has much to offer. There are great adventures awaiting the outdoor enthusiast, so let's begin with the greatest of them all...

Mt. Whitney
The air is thin at 14,496 feet above sea level. Getting to the top of Mt. Whitney is no walk in the park — and doing it in one day is even tougher. But the summit — oh, what a vantage point. You'll feel the euphoria of standing on top of the world. And to think that Death Valley — bottom of the world — is almost within view!

Climbing Mt. Whitney isn't just about getting to the top. The ascent is a stunning journey, a curious climb from the desert floor, through the wooded Whitney Portal, and then on towards alpine meadows, crystal-clear ponds, and hidden wildlife. You will experience the first cold blues of morning as you trek through a quiet forested area where you can literally hear nature wake as the sun's first warm rays hit your back.


The Whitney trail is surprising accessible. It's extremeley well maintained — 10,000 hikers a year have paved a safe and clear trail. There's no need for cables or ropes, anywhere on the hike.


It's just really steep and challenging for most hikers. But, oh SO worth it


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