Things to see and do in and around Lone Pine.

Places to Visit

Manzanar National Historic Site
During World War II, thousands of American citizens of Japanese descent — having committed no crime apart having Japanese ancestry — were detained at camps across the country. This camp housed up to 10,000 people until it was closed in 1954. It's on Highway 395, about five miles south of Independence — look for the two aged entrance monuments to the site on the west side of the highway. The new Interpretive Center opened in April, 2004. Manzanar is a bleak, dry place — as uninviting as it must have been for the relocated families during WWII.

Alabama Hills
Located to the west of Hwy 395; take the Portal road. Strange, almost alien rock formations rise from the valley floor. Great walking, hiking, and neat dirt roads to drive down. Hollywood films a lot of Western movies here.

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