Things to see and do in and around Independence.

Places to Visit

Manzanar National Historic Site
During World War II, thousands of American citizens of Japanese descent — having committed no crime apart having Japanese ancestry — were detained at camps across the country. This camp housed up to 10,000 people until it was closed in 1954. It's on Highway 395, about five miles south of Independence — look for the two aged entrance monuments to the site on the west side of the highway. The new Interpretive Center opened in April, 2004. Manzanar is a bleak, dry place — as uninviting as it must have been for the relocated families during WWII.

Locomotive #18
This old narrow-guage hauled freight and folks up and down the Owens Valley for years. It was put to rest many years ago, and its aging — but timelessly romantic — hulk now stands in Dehy park, on the north end of Independence. A nice picnic spot with lots of shady trees — and a touch of the Old West.

Eastern California Museum
155 N. Grant St., Independence (just west of Hwy 395)
This small but likeable museum tells about the natural and cultural history of this region. You'll learn about Native American & Pioneer history, Manzanar, and more. There's an excellent collection of books of local interest. Open every day but tuesday, 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Things to See & Do
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