A majestic landscape reflecting a history of extremes.

Hot Creek

Once a popular spot for hot-tubbing (swimming and soaking is no longer permitted, as it is no longer safe, and folks will be cited for jumping the fence), there is a lot more here than meets the eye!

A graded gravel road crosses sagebrush and meadows, eventually following the Hot Creek banks. About 3 miles from Hwy. 395, there is a parking area and several trails leading to the creek. Mammoth Creek tributaries are the sources of clear, clean, mountain water. The warm springs issuing from beneath the basalt lava table provides the heating source. Along a two-mile segment of Hot Creek, there are numerous hot springs and warm springs.

In 1973, two new geysers erupted, tearing holes at least 10 feet in diameter, allowing scalding water to emerge. Hot water activity has chemically altered the rocks, creating beautiful, colorful banks.

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