A majestic landscape reflecting a history of extremes.

John Muir once wrote, “The Sierra, no mountains I have known are so alluring”. This extensive and beautiful region, The Eastern Sierra, where the desert meets the high mountains, was created by a series of ancient glaciers, uplifting earthquakes, erupting volcanoes and more. These forces are evidenced today by visible fault lines, hot springs, glacial valleys and lakes, and volcanic cones and tablelands. Today’s geologic activity and severe weather conditions are reminders that this region is still evolving.

Enjoy visiting some of the unique features that serve as examples of the extremes that formed this land.

Fish Slough - Bureau of Land Management
Owens Valley Petroglyphs
Horseshoe Lake FAQ
Wildflowers Galore!
Mt. Whitney
Death Valley
Long Valley Caldera
Devil's Postpile
Palisades Glacier
Mono Lake
Inyo and Mono Craters
Hot Creek
Ancient Bristlecones


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