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Wildrose Peak Trail

Wildrose Peak, at 9064 ft, is a cool refuge from the desert's heat, but can be covered by deep snow in winter and spring.

Trailhead Wildrose Charcoal Kilns
Length   4.2 miles one way
Elevation gain   2,200 feet
Time Required   4 to 6 hours round trip
Topo maps   Wildrose Peak 7.5 min. quad or Trails Illustrated map
Vehicle access   Graded gravel to Charcoal Kilns
Cautions   No water available at the kilns or along the trail; may have snow from December to April; dogs are not allowed.

Wildrose Peak is the northernmost summit of the Panamint Mountains' highest section. A rewarding hike on its own, it is also a good alternative when winter conditions prevent hiking Telescope Peak.

The trail starts at the north end of the charcoal kilns and climbs steadily up a drainage thick with pinyon pine and juniper. Watch for weathered stumps of trees cut more than 100 years ago to be made into charcoal at the kilns. The final two miles of trail meanders along a forested ridge and switchbacks up the peak, revealing increasingly spectacular views. Other than a few scattered stands of limber pine, the rounded summit is exposed and windswept.

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Wildrose Peak
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