Death Valley is unique in both its harshness and beauty.

Death Valley's starkness is tempered by incredible hues during
different times of day. Photo of Golden Canyon by Jim Stroup.

Death Valley is a wonderous place. Lined by towering mountains on either side, this valley is extremely varied. From the below sea level salt flats to the top of Telescope Peak, there exists a diverse and abundant ecosystem well worth examining.

It can be very HOT in Death Valley during the summer months, but beginning in the fall, the opportunity to explore becomes more practical. The winter months can bring wild fluctuations in temperature. Freezing temperatures are not uncommon, and so are balmy, sunny days. The spring months bring the wildflowers, for which the California deserts are famous for. Any time you visit is a good time and summer is no exception. The warm nights and spectacular pre-dawn skies are a must to experience.

Its pristine nature and rare beauty are breathtaking. Death Valley is abundant with history and culture and offers an array of exciting adventures, both present and past.

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