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Backcountry Hikes

CAUTION: Hiking at low elevations during the summer is not recommended! Check with a park ranger at the Visitor Center or at a Ranger Station to fill out a voluntary Backcountry Camping Permit before departing on the following trips. In temperatures over 90 degrees F, hiking can be especially hazardous. During hot spring, summer or fall months, one gallon of water per person per day is the minimum you should carry. Many of the springs in Death Valley are either dry or have been contaminated by burros, so do not rely on them. Do not camp in drainages or washes. Camp at least two miles from a maintained road and 200 yards from water sources.

Solo Hikers — Be sure to let a family member or friend know where you are going and your estimated time of return. Your contact will be responsible for initiating a search if you do not return on time. To assist rangers in case a search is necessary, you can provide more detailed information on a Backcountry Hiker Form.

Please remember that collecting rocks or plants or disturbing any historical or archeological site is not allowed.

Only Telescope Peak & Wildrose Peak have maintained hiking trails. These are the only hikes recommended in summer due to the extreme heat at lower elevations. The rest of the suggested overnight hikes are cross-country routes. Mileages can be deceiving, so allow plenty of time for these trips. USGS topographic maps may be purchased online or at the Visitor Center.

Cottonwood/Marble Canyon Loop Hike
Telescope Peak
Wildrose Peak
Suggested Backpacking Routes

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National Park Service Visitor Information
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