A great place to live and a great place to visit.

Nestled between the Sierra Nevada and the Glass Mountains is the beautiful Crowley Lake. Fantastic fishing and breathtaking wilderness abound in this quiet community secreted away amongst the quaking aspen and babbling drainages winding down to the lake from the surrounding mountains.

Just 15 minutes south of Mammoth Lakes, the Crowley Lake community enjoys several months more warm summer weather than those shaded by Mammoth Mountain. Crowley is the place of choice for those who want to get away from the scene in Mammoth Lakes, but be close enough to be first on the lifts or enjoy breakfast while Mammoth residents and visitors are still digging out the snow berm.

The First Ski Area
Before Mammoth Mountain was developed, the slopes of McGee mountain were enjoyed by adventurous skiers. Today the slopes often sport the "tags" of backcountry skiers enjoying the solitude and great powder this easily accessed roadside mountain provides.

The Best Trout Fishing in the West
Crowley Lake is known nationally for its fantastic fishing. The lake holds a huge population of perch, artificially introduced in the 60s, which are a good-tasting fish. There are chubs and suckers, which are the only native fish in the lake and legendary sized brown and rainbow trout — the lake record is a 26 lb. Brown.

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