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The western flavor of the Bridgeport area is the true attraction. The architechture of the local buildings bear the signature of the pioneers who settled this valley well over a hundred years ago. The vast sage brush rangelands give one the chance to get out into the wide open spaces for which the west is famous.

Twin Lakes
Don't confuse these Twin Lakes with the Twin Lakes near Mammoth. These interconnected Twin Lakes are beautiful; each well over a mile long, and about half a mile wide. We can assure you that the fish are proportionally enormous, too. These lakes are nestled under the jagged crest of the Sawtooth Ridge, and the icy blue Matterhorn Glacier; they're really something to behold. Most L.A. area visitors who drive into the Sierra rarely make it north of Bishop and Mammoth! This area has been a well-kept hideaway for those who venture beyond, and anglers and their families. Well — it's not that big a secret — tens of thousands still make the trek each year to these expansive lakes. We've got some good news for them, too — the two best local resorts, Annetts Mono Village and Lower Twin Lakes Resort, have started "enhancing" the state's fish-planting efforts by offering an extra 6,000 to 10,000 trout per season. The California record trout — weighing in at 26 pounds, eight ounces, was caught here!

Bodie State Park
This ghost town, kept in "arrested decay" by the California State Park System, is located 21 miles from Bridgeport (7 miles south on Highway 395, turn left, 10 miles on paved road, then 3 miles on dirt road). An entry fee is charged for each vehicle. The park is open all year, but the road is usually closed from October to May. Tours of the Standard Mill are available. The museum is open during the summer months. In the late 1870s and early 1880s Bodie had a population of about 10,000.

Originally Aurora was the county seat of Mono County. This ghost town, located about 20 miles from Bridgeport (over dirt roads), is the site of current mining operations. Only the foundations of some buildings and the graveyard are left. Check with the Sheriff's office prior to travel in the area.

Bridgeport Reservoir
A man-made lake, this reservoir is about one to two miles north of Bridgeport on Highway 182. There are RV camping sites, boat launching areas, fishing, boating, hiking, and resorts.

Bridgeport Canyon
Originally the road from Bodie and Bridgeport to the Mono Basin, the entrance to this road is located about 10 miles from Bridgeport — 7 miles south on Highway 395, turn right on the road to Bodie, approximately 3 miles to Moormon Meadows, turn right into a narrow canyon and continue south past the power line, turn left to the Cottonwood Canyon Road, turn right on Highway 167 back to 395.

Buckeye Canyon
Located in the Sierra Nevada Mountains west of Bridgeport, Buckeye Canyon was the site of early lumbering operations. The canyon is about 30 minutes travel time from Bridgeport — 15 miles on the paved Twin Lakes Road, turn right at Doc and Al's Resort and travel about 4 miles on dirt roads to the camping areas. Fishing, hunting, and horseback riding are available.

Dogtown is located about 7 1/2 miles south of Bridgeport on Highway 395. At the turnout, just up the hill and south of the Bodie Junction, stop at the historical monument and look over the site of the first gold discovery on the Eastern Slope of the High Sierra. Gold was discovered here in 1857. The area was mined by dredging during the 1930s.

East Walker River
Early toll roads from Carson City and Wellington followed this river. Just beyond the state line on Highway 182, turn right on a dirt road to Hawthorne (If you have access to a 1917 Mono National Forest map, you can locate the stagecoach stations at Sonora and Elbow and follow the road to Aurora). Check for local road conditions!

Green Creek Lake
Green Creek is located south of Bridgeport. Take Highway 395 south for five miles, turn right on a dirt road and follow it to Green Creek. You may walk from there to Green Creek Lake. The dynamo pond at Green Creek was the site of the first long distance commercial transmission of electricity which went in a straight line (engineers in 1892 thought electricity would run off the wire if turned) from Green Creek to the Standard Mill in Bodie.

Historic Buildings
A map of historic buildings in Bridgeport with the names of the original owners is found in Frank Wedertz's "Mono Diggings". This walking tour covers Kingsley, Main, Emigrant, Bryant, School and Kirkwood Streets.

Mono County Courthouse
Built in the early 1880s, this building was the third Mono County Courthouse — the first was a brick building in Aurora, the second was a hotel in Bridgeport. Ceramic models of these buildings are located in the Mono County Library on School Street. The Mono County Courthouse is the second oldest continuously-used courthouse in California.

Mono County Museum
The museum is located west of the park behind the Memorial Hall on School Street. The museum has an extensive collection of Paiute Indian willow and beaded baskets, barbed wire display, and other historic artifacts. The museum is open from Memorial Day to the end of September, daily from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Poor Farm
The Poor Farm was located five miles south of Bridgeport on Highway 395. The site is noted on an historical monument presented by E Clampus Vitas, a humbug and historical society.

Sonora Pass
The road to Sonora Pass, site of the Bidwell-Bartelson emigrant trail over the Sierra, is Highway 120. Turn left about 17 miles north of Bridgeport. The toll road from Sonora to Bodie was located in the Sonora Pass area. Fishing is available in Leavitt and Lobdell Lakes, as well as Walker Creek and other streams.

Swauger Canyon / Devil's Gate Pass
The canyon-pass is located approximately 10 miles north of Bridgeport on Highway 395. Fremont travelled this pass in January of 1844 and lost his cannon somewhere in this area. The Nevada State Museum in Carson City believes that they have Fremont's cannon today, one that was found by two miners back in 1859. But if you see an old '12 pounder' Mountan Howitzer out there — who knows?

West Walker Canyon
This canyon is located 20 to 30 miles north of Bridgeport on Highway 395. Camping areas and fishing are available.

Recreational Activities


Fishing in the Bridgeport area is extremely popular, with many excellent spots for trying your luck. Our fishing report provides information on Bridgeport area fishing conditions, during fishing season. Consider:

Annett's Mono Village
Lower Twin Lakes Resort
Ken's Sporting Goods
Walker River
Buckeye Creek
Bridgeport Reservoir — Bridgeport Inn
Virginia Lake — Virgina Creek Settlement

Bridgeport Area Fish Report


With names like The Cleaver and The Sawblade, these peaks are definitely well-named, with the upper reaches being extremely exposed and steep. Here are some selected peaks and routes:

The Incredible Hulk (el. 11,480'+) — Mountaineers Route class 4
Cleaver Peak (el. 11,760'+) — Northeast Face class 3
The Dragtooth (el. 12,080'+) — North Buttress grade 3 — class 5.10

Ski Mountaineering

This area is highly recommended by those who have skied or snowboarded the vast and wild slopes which surround the Bridgeport Valley. Here are a couple options:

Matterhorn Peak (el. 12,279') — East Couloir class 3
The Incredible Hulk (el. 11,480'+) — Northwest Couloir class 4


Numerous camping opportunities abound in this area. Visit the following for further information on where to camp:

Annett's Mono Village
Bridgeport Chamber of Commerce
Hank and Ray's Vacation Trailer Rentals
Virginia Creek Settlement

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