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Hiking Trails in the Bishop Area

The granite precipice known as the Sierra Crest is popular with climbers and mountaineers, yet holds hidden treasures for the hiker as well. The trails in the Bishop area all begin at a relatively high elevation, thereby affording the day hiker easy access to this grand and mighty escarpment.

Nestled at the base of the many high peaks are numerous lakes where the elusive Golden Trout can be found. In fact, The Golden Trout found here in the mountains near Bishop could be the biggest anywhere in the range. The variety of lakes and streams makes it impossible to tell you exactly where to go, but this page will help you get started on an adventure of your own.

Besides the opportunity to fish, there are also many other options available. Nearby peaks offer climbing routes of various degrees, ranging from steep hiking to the overhanging sport climbs favored by the younger set.

The opportunity to capture the picture of a lifetime can happen anywhere in this scenic wonderland.

No matter what you choose to do in this glorious setting you will certainly be rewarded with a memory not soon forgotten!

The Bishop Pass Trail
6 Miles
Trailhead Elevation (South Lake) — 9,800'
Finish Elevation (Bishop Pass) — 11,980'
Gain — 2,180' (363' per mile)

This is the most popular trail in the area and after hiking here, you will know why. Starting at the highest trailhead in the Bishop area, this trail wanders amongst wildly serrated cliffs and polished glacial valleys. Excellent campsites can be found everywhere. At the outlet area of Long Lake is a spring with some refreshingly pure water.

The Treasure Lakes Trail
3 Miles
Trailhead Elevation (South Lake) — 9,800'
Finish Elevation (Main Treasure Lake) — 10,650'
Gain — 850' (283' per mile)

This is an easy hike with BIG rewards. The visitor will be impressed with both the scenery and the quality of the fishing. Only 3 miles from the road, this area is popular as well. With a little adventuring, many off-trail lakes in the Treasure Lake Basin can be found. Campsites abound in this area, and this is a great beginner hike. Access to the summit of nearby Mt. Gilbert is from the upper Treasure Lakes basin.

Sabrina Basin Trail
7 Miles
Trailhead Elevation (Sabrina Lake) — 9,125'
Finish Elevation (Hungry Packer Lake) — 11,070'
Gain — 1,945' (278' per mile)

This is perhaps the ultimate Sierra setting. Jagged spires of pure granite form a scenic backdrop to the numerous high alpine lakes. Many of the lakes have Golden Trout, the California state fish. Mt. Darwin dominates the region and with no easy way up, it is prized by many mountaineers. Bighorn sheep can occasionally be spotted high above the valley floor. There are many lakes and campsites to choose from, with little distance separating them.

Lamarck Col Trail
7 Miles
Trailhead Elevation — 9,300'
Finish Elevation — 12,880'
Gain — 3,580' (511' per mile)

This is considered an off-trail route, but there is a great path which detracts from the off-trail experience. The path goes left just before Upper Lamarck Lake and crosses the creek which flows down into Grass Lake. From here, it ascends a steep open slope and crosses into a hanging valley on the way to the wide, sandy valley beyond. At this point, continue up the valley until the saddle (Lamarck Col) is encountered. Go through any of the notches to Darwin Canyon, or go right to the summit of Mt. Lamarck.

Paiute Pass Trail
5 Miles
Trailhead Elevation — 9,300'
Finish Elevation — 11,420'
Gain — 2,120' (424' per mile)

This is the trail to the heartland of Golden Trout country. Access to Humphreys Basin and the west side of the Sierra. Cascading rivers and giant cliffs fill the desolate canyons of this region. The Humphreys Basin is a barren landscape with superb views and some of the biggest Golden Trout you can imagine. Not to spoil the fun, you will have to search the many lakes on your own. No tips here, other than the fish like the talus for cover.

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